About 30 years ago, an idea took root among the principals of Dunpar Homes; an idea to take commercial and industrial sites in prime areas in the Greater Toronto Area and transform them into vibrant, livable communities imbued with a master planned vision, thoughtful design and impeccable quality. And thus started an epic story that has today resulted in over two thousand homes in many beautiful communities across the city.
Hello Friends,

It all started in 1981. I had been renovating older houses up until then and I admired the craftsmanship I found in them. These regal, stately places were built with such care you couldn’t help but admire them. I set out to find out all I could about the techniques used in these high-end properties. At that time I had my own millwork shop so I could intimately learn all the fits and finishes. It was an inspiring time for me and lead me strongly in one direction. I would build homes with this kind of strong character myself.

The first homes I built were in Cabbagetown in Toronto, right near Dundas and Parliament streets. I took the name of both and combined them to create the name of my company. A company that would strive to create beautifully finished homes that yesterday’s master craftsmen would be proud to call their own. Dunpar Homes. Now, I am excited to introduce our latest project, our quarterly newsletter. Each article in Brick by Brick will expose you to our communities, our culture and our commitment to building communities that are truly better by design.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.

John Zanini
Every community is built on the fundamentals of sound, sustainable living with easy access to shopping, schools, parks, highways, recreation centres and natural greenspace. Every facet of our operations, from land acquisition to planning to design to building is motivated by a desire to give our customers more than what they are looking for. This means research into changing lifestyles, trends and demographics, a keen eye for detail and a single-minded dedication to quality. This is the Dunpar distinction, and this is what separates us from the ordinary.
Transforming forgotten land into environmentally balanced urban living spaces.
Contemporary Design
Creative living with older lifestyle flair based on eras of elegance and sophistication.
Efficient Living
We want our customers to be able to live life to the fullest, so choosing perfectly situated redevelopment sites close to the most important amenities.
Integrity & Quality
Dunpar Homes maintains strict excellence for building standards and to ensure a higher quality of life for our stakeholders.